” A true miracle worker”

My eight month old daughter, my husband and myself would absolutely not be in our new home if it weren’t for Jackie Marino. Plain and simple. Let’s just say we ran into some major snags in the final hours of selling our home. With any other agent, I’m not sure this deal would have been salvaged, but due to an incredible amount of hard work and determination, we were able to close on our sale and move forward with the purchase of our dream home. What it took for that to happen would blow your mind, but Jackie took it all in stride. She worked timeless hours to trouble s hoot and reassure the four parties involved that, with a little time and effort, we could still get this deal done. It wasn’t just lip service, she made the nearly impossible, possible. A true miracle worker.
If you are looking for an agent to represent you on any side of the real estate market, Jackie Marino is it. Not need to look further!